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Click on any of the pictures below for Theory test training purpose


To book your Theory Test, click HERE

 You need your Provisional Driving Licence

number, full address and date of birth.

* You do not need to have passed your Theory Test to start Practical Driving Lessons, but you need to

have a Provisional Driving Licence.

News Update


Theory Test fees are 23.00 payable directly to the DSA

Theory Test Information & Training

You cannot any longer bring an old style paper licence  with any type of ID, but only with a valid passport ID.

Without a passport ID you would be refused on a test and lose your fees.

You must also bring the original counterpart with your driving license (no fax or photo copy).

without same no test can be taken.

Please note fees for a change from a paper licence to a new style photo licence is only 10.00. If your Birth

Certificate is on your maiden name and your paper licence on your married name, you will have to send your

marriage certificate together with your birth certificate. Process for the change takes only 7 to 10 days. You can also

 for an extra fee of 4.00 have your application and ID checked by the Post Office Staff which reduces the delay

to receive your new licence.

If you need to apply for a Provisional Licence, please click on the following link:

Apply here for a provisional driving licence (opens new window)

Hints/Prompts to Hazard Perception Test  !!!

If you are about to train or go for your Theory Test & Hazard Perception Test, you will be asked to click when

Hazards will appear on your Inter Active Video Screen, Hazards meaning a cyclist, or a car appears you must click,

but when the same Hazard i. e, (the cyclist or the car, or a pedestrian) make you slow down, swerve, stop or else you

must click again to score the necessary points to pass your Hazard Perception Test. Contact me if you need any

more information.